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About our guarantee

We sign a contract with every client. It consists all the information about our guarantees, terms, conditions and fees.

Before the products reach you, we will fully check them, and you will receive it perfectly.

Our products are all made of high-quality materials and produced in strict accordance with international standards.

All of our furniture products are made of environmentally friendly materials and meet national environmental protection standards to ensure the health of you and your family.

After the furniture is delivered, you can ask a professional organization to conduct a formaldehyde test on the furniture. If the test result is unqualified, we will provide you with a return service.

We take liability for:

  • If we send the wrong product by mistake or the quantity does not match, we will take the responsibility and provide a free replacement service to ensure that you get the product they ordered.
  • If our products have any external defects or flaws, we will take responsibility and provide free repair or replacement services to ensure that the products meet our customers' expectations and requirements.
  • Goods damages when loading a container;
  • Because we caused the product to not be shipped in time

We are not responsible for:

  • Please be sure to double check the details and quantities of your order before submitting it to ensure it is accurate.
  • Please make sure to provide the accurate delivery address and contact information so that we can deliver the product to you promptly and accurately.
  • Once the product is received, please keep it safe and follow the product's use and maintenance instructions to ensure the integrity and quality of the product.
  • If you encounter any problems or defects when using the product, please contact us in time and provide detailed information and pictures so that we can solve the problem in time.


1、Payment method: 50% deposit is required for regular products, and full payment is required for special products.

2、Delivery time: Starting from the time when the deposit arrives, the supplier will exchange according to the agreed delivery date.

3、If the order is not picked up within 10 days after completion of the order, it will be regarded as a breach of contract, and the supplier will be held accountable for the resulting economic losses.

4、If your goods need to purchase insurance, please emphasize it when ordering; after the customer receives the goods, please immediately unpack and check whether the goods are complete or damaged, and if there is any abnormality, please report to us within 48 hours.